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Energetic Updates

The Eye of the Needle

The Eye of the Needle

Video details: The Eye of the Needle – 9 Dec 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 37 Duration: 1:27:36 This week we went deeper into Westworld and the AI bots, going through the Eye of the Needle, the Split as the new is calling and some are going home. A powerful call...

The Authentic Feminine

Video details: The Authentic Feminine – 2 Dec 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 36 Duration: 1:38:00 All I can say is, I have not worked this hard energetically since 2017.It has been around the clock since Nov 6, mostly on my own but with the help of a couple of...

Masculine Cleanup

Video details: Masculine Cleanup – 25 Nov 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 35 Duration: 1:27:22 The Vault of forgotten Angels was opened.The males trying to integrate their higher aspects some are successful right and now many are struggling with their demonsSome...

Let there be LIONS

Video details: Let there be LIONS – 19 Nov 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 34 Duration: 1:39:54 This construct was cleansed, witnessing the new being birthed, the rainbow bridge was strengthened, false/distorted feminine energy dealt with, the love and the pain in...

11:11 Portal

Video details: 11:11 Portal – 11 November 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 33 Duration: 1:38:00 This week has certainly lived up to the predicted intensity, one of chaos and extremes.Felt like the inverted Universe has been throwing everything it can at me to pull...

White Dragon Message

Video details: White Dragon Message – 4 Nov 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 32 Duration: 1:27:00 This weeks events included the White Dragon and led back to messages from home in 2018 from Ensa, the last Earth Gate Keeper. All signs point to us moving forward...

Right Side UP

Video details: Right Side UP – 28 Oct 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 31 Duration: 1:24:52 The world changed this week!!!Heart Sourced Humanity had a BIG win and it has been felt.There is a big story to tell this week, with pieces going back to 2017 finally...

Bleed Through

Video details: Bleed Through – 21 Oct 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 30 Duration: 1:33:19 Energetic bleed through from our galactic aspects!!!!Yes as weird as that sounds, the veils are thinning between us and the Galactics and that is making for some interesting...

Armour Up

Video details: Armour Up – 14 Oct 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 29 Duration: 1:43:15 Armour up as we head into the God RealmIt is where the war began and where the tools of creation were turned into weapons of war.A time for Healing the war wounds and taking...

God Realm is Next

Video details: God Realm is Next – 7 Oct 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 28 Duration: 1:45:16 Can you feel the push? It is relentless…Feels like we have a marker coming up by end of month that we all need to be ready for.The Egyptian clean up is well under way, in...

Cracking the Safe

Video details: Cracking the Safe – 2 Oct 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 27 Duration: 1:38:00 All 12 Stargates aligned Energetic Updates

Time for Heart Activation

Video details: Time for Heart Activation – 23 Sept 2023 From Lisa M Harrison | Episode 26 Duration: 1:34:40 It’s all about the heart this week, breaking it to open it.The energy from the original ‘rendering’ mentioned last week has been very active as we initiate the...


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