“My mission is to support and empower individuals during this current global awakening to remember who they are, where they are and how to navigate their way HOME -“
Lisa M Harrison


Lisa M. Harrison is a prominent public figure renowned for her exploration of consciousness, spirituality, and alternative narratives. From her early years, Lisa exhibited a keen intuitive sense, driving her to delve into the mysteries of existence beyond conventional understanding.

Initiating her public journey in 2009, Lisa’s initial focus on the significance of 2012 evolved into a broader exploration of various spiritual, conspiratorial, and alternative domains. Throughout her endeavours, Lisa engaged with notable figures in consciousness studies and alternative thought, such as David Icke, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ralph Ring, John Lamb Lash, and Inelia Benz, seeking insights that resonated with her quest for truth, she has fearlessly probed into realms often obscured by mainstream discourse.

Lisa’s trajectory took an extraordinary turn after seven years of dedicated searching, marked by documented encounters with a being she referred to as ‘Leeloo.’ from a place Leeloo termed ‘Home.’ These transformative experiences, witnessed by many, expanded her understanding of existence and revealed profound insights into the nature of reality, our true past, present, and potential future

Lisa has become a guiding presence for many seeking clarity amidst the complexities of reality. Her commitment to personal growth and unwavering pursuit of truth has solidified her position as a respected figure in the realm of consciousness exploration while her egalitarian ethos fosters a supportive community, providing solace and empowerment to those navigating the complexities of modern existence alongside her.