Energetic Update 4 March 2024 5pm

Last week we talked about the metaphor of transferring my website to a new server, since then several things are becoming more apparent.

I keep getting directed back to a message from home that spoke of a time:
*When we will start to see Government Systems begin to fall.
*To focus on Home during this time.
*Our energy is being used to power this shift

Last week we also talked about ‘The System’, seeming to fall away and lose it’s power, since then it seems as creator beings are in hermit mode, manifesting and creating the new, copycats are coming out of the woodwork. Are attempts to copy this creation in full swing before we leave the fake behind?

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Energetic Bleed Through

As the veils between worlds continues to thin, we are being impacted more and more. Together we will go through some exercises to:
*clear our physical body of impact
*clear our energetic field of impact
*strengthen connection in order to be more conscious of what other aspects are up to.
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Egypt Clean Up

Cleaning up our personal connections with the Egypt/Atlantean Realm/Timeline.
Clearing any distortions with our Original Pair that began in this Realm
Replay available in Subscriber Content